Winters in New York are magical, and while a white Christmas in the Rockefeller Center is a sight for sore eyes, the extreme temperature makes it hard for home sellers to sell their home.

If you want to know “how to sell my house fast in NY?” you might not like the answer because the NY real estate market is really slow this time of the year. It can be challenging to sell your house fast during the winter season for various reasons.


Low Offers

Winter is a slow time for real estate, and buyers may think that if your house is on the listing this season, you must be desperate to sell it. Hence, you should expect lower offers than usual during this time.

Furthermore, setting the right price for your home from the start is essential. Still, it is hard to be realistic in doing so, especially during the holiday season when there are so many memories and emotional attachments that make the property more personal.

With an already difficult market, a high price in the winter season can quickly turn away buyers. Your home could be sitting for a long time, giving a wrong impression to buyers. Tech-savvy home buyers tend to sort their searches according to their listing time, and they can easily overlook your house in such a case.

Limited Curb Appeal

As beautiful as snow may seem, winters are also dark and gloomy. With the absence of the lush green grass or the colorful flowers, it is a challenge to attract buyers to your home at first glance by showing off the home’s exterior or landscaping.

Open Houses And Tours

Showing the house to potential buyers is an essential part of a good deal. While it is easier to walk out of your home during spring or summer at short notice, the same is harder to achieve in winters.

It is difficult for residents to cooperate due to frequent gatherings and dinners at this time of the year. Additionally, it is risky to travel during this time due to slipping on ice or car skidding on it, making it even more dangerous if there are kids involved.

Furthermore, house tours during this season mean that some flaws in your home will be more apparent. A home with suspicious drafts, lousy lighting, leakages, and a faulty heat system will be dramatically cold. That’s enough to turn away potential buyers or attract lower price offers.

Delayed Financing

When you sell your house, the payment procedure takes a lot of time. However, you can expect it to increase further because there are frequent bank holidays. It may take buyers longer than usual to arrange financing for their purchase during this season.

Few Multiple Offers

During summer or spring, people can expect multiple offers when they put their house on the market. However, there are very few chances of getting multiple offers on your home during the winter because the market is already slow. And unfortunately, there are few serious buyers around.

Real Estate Agents

Agents help to sell your home but not without a cost. They get their commission and other fees, but there is a personal cost as well. With complicated pricing, low offers, fear of losing out on sales, and legal documents, people tend to trust the realtors with everything they are saying.

Real estate agents can easily scare sellers during the winter months as they convince them that they need a proper agent to do their work. Even though it is hard to sell your house, it is not impossible to do it yourself. But, if you get tricked by your realtor, you get stuck with whatever offer they get you without putting in the effort to get a better one.

Sell House As Is In Winters

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