How Simple Can it be to Sell a House in Kings County?

The question that many people ask us. If you have the same doubt, this time you won’t be left unanswered. In fact, we have the most perfect answer there could be. 

EZ Home buyers are the most reputable title companies operating in New York. We buy houses for sale in Kings County with an all cash offer and don’t rely on banks approval. We deal in cash and we can close the deal within one week if you have the intention to sell it within that period. So, it’s a double-win for the seller. 

What to expect from our services?

As mentioned above, we buy houses for sale in New York with a fast cash offer and a very short closing time period.  Our process works with the home seller and tries to accommodate any closing periods needed to make for a seamless transition.

Your Role?

You just have to sit and contact us with all the necessary information about your house. We will tell you exactly what to do after each step. To get an idea, after you inform us about the property, we set up an appointment to check the property to buy. Then we give you an offer. And if you accept the offer, we carry out the subsequent formalities to transfer the ownership. 

Houses for Sale

We try to make the whole experience of selling your house  as easy as possible as there are no need to make any repairs as we buy as-is. We do it ourselves according to our wishes once the title is transferred.